Are you an athlete looking for an enriching experience ant to move up within the Réseau du Sport Étudiant du Québec (RSEQ)? We have one of two options for you to choose from.

The first involves helping carry on our winning streak by joining the womens's volleyball team, Les Ardentes. Five intercollegiate tournaments are set to take place between October and March. To help train and prepare you for this undertaking, our professional coaches will support you along the way.

The second option is designed for women and men who want to excel and who love the outdoors. Cross-country running is a 4 to 5 km open-air race for women or a 7 to 8 km race for men. Three competitions are set to take place this fall. If this interests you, register quickly to benefit from summer training to help get you ready for the first competition.

This year, we've also opened up the opportunity of building a men's basketball, indoor soccer, and eSports team !



Women's volleyball - Division 2

Cross-country running M/W

Men's basketball

Indoor soccer



Student Life Services, in collaboration with Regroupement des Étudiantes et des Étudiants du Centre Collégial à Chibougamau (REECCC Student Association), provides students with a multitude of socio-cultural activities and sports to choose from. These activities will help you develop your talents, learn something new, and make new friends.

Whether you decide to participate in or organize the activity, we have the resources to assist you in your endeavour. Do you have a project in mind or something you're passionate about? Come meet with the recreation technician in A-015 to discuss it, or with REECCC members in B-060.

Did you know that students registered in extracurricular activities at their college have better grades and feel less stressed and depressed overall? (Jacques Roy, researcher).

Moreover, student engagement is formally recognized at CECC with a reference to it in your report card. This additional attribute will help you stand out with a potential employer, when applying for university admission or for a bursary.

You can fill in the Recognition of Student Engagement form on your computer and email it to or bring it in person to Mathieu Guay in office A-015.

So, what are you waiting for? Join a committee or take part in an activity; we look forward to working with you!


Did you want to :

  • Organize a project?
  • Assert your rights?
  • Take political action?
  • Organize events?
  • Get involved in student life? 

If so, then the Regroupement des Étudiantes et des Étudiants du Centre Collégial à Chibougamau (REECCC Student Association) is the place for you! Each and every CECC student is a member and has full voice and vote at general meetings.  


Executive Board positions :

  • Chair
  • Vice-chair (first-year position)
  • Secretary (first-year position)
  • Treasurer
  • Pedagogy Advisor
  • Communications Officer
  • Communications Officer (first-year position).


RECCC Mission :

  • Represent students
  • Advocate for the academic, economic, social, and political rights of students
  • Foster social awareness development
  • Promote student activity
  • Manage student funds


To reach us :


If you have any artistic talents, be it musical, singing, dance, theatre, or comedy, sign up for a new and exciting experience. You’ll have the time of your life at Cégeps en Spectacle!

Cégeps en Spectacle invites all students to showcase their artistic talents. This reputable intercollegiate competition is an authentic school of performing arts through which artists, broadcasters, and some of today’s art professionals have emerged.
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Mathieu Guay


Jackie Meunier
Jackie CECC


110 Obalski St.
Chibougamau, Quebec  G8P 2E9
418 748-7637

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